States of Nature is a specialist textile design studio.
Products are made in limited editions and sold in beautiful boutiques and gallery stores throughout Australia.
Workshops are held in capital cities in Australia.

How do I make a digital collage?

I am asked this question alot. So I would love to say... it's easy!
But that would be a lie.
It can be easy, it depends on the images you are working with, the backgrounds they are originally sitting on, and the resolution they are in.
There are lots of great online resources on using Photoshop to cut out your backgrounds. Then you can layer them all together on a white background. And finally, you can add text and numbers.
Or you can come to the Intermediate Photoshop Workshop that I'm doing in Sydney and we can eat nice food and work through all this stuff together at Megan Morton's school. Making digital collages can be fun!

And here is one I prepared earlier. I just can't get enough of that yellow teapot.

1. Porcelain jugs
2. Leather tote
3. Enamel teapot
4. Rope necklace
5. Wooden brush
6. Geo pillow
7. Potted succulents

2 spots left for Sunday

I'm headed to Sydney on Sunday to teach another Photoshop for Bloggers and Beginners workshop, and we have just had word that a couple of ladies can't make it. So there are a few spots that have opened up - check it out here
It is one of my favourite classes to teach, 'cos it is always so great to meet new people and find out about what they want to do with Photoshop. Then we talk about how to make it happen! And I get to see people's lovely blogs in all their varying stages, some just in the planning phase, some with just text so far, some with no text just images.... and we look at how to do their banners, buttons and photo enhancement. As soon as I get the chance to ask my past student's permission, I will post some of the gorgeous results that have been sent to me so far. 
What would you like to learn about Photoshop? 
What's the best thing about it for you?